Chilling is a natural and safe way of preserving food. If done properly using special equipment like we do, it locks-in all the nutrition, flavour and taste. It reduces risk and helps us deliver you the food to taste in its peak condition.

We freshly cook, quickly chill within minutes of cooking and at the right time. When you heat-up our food, it’ll look, smell and taste as if it was freshly just made at home.

We cook each item from scratch, in small batches in our Arndell Park Commercial Kitchen. All spice are freshly grounded onsite. No base gravies, no boxed spices, no sauces and no chemicals are used.

No. We don’t use any chemicals, artificial colours, flavour enhancers, preservatives, sauces, base gravies or MSG.

You can find allergen information on each pack and on each item on our website. We take extreme care to avoid cross-contamination of allergens, cook and store allergen containing items separately etc. However, our food is cooked and packed in a kitchen which handles allergens. So if you are sensitive to traces of allergens please contact us before ordering.

We meticulously analyse calorific and nutritional values of each of our items using industry/legal standards and verify using accredited labs. However, please be aware that the values are typical. We hand-cook each batch and there is a possibility of small variation in values.

Our kitchen is registered and inspected and we comply with all food safety requirements in the Australia. Our HACCP (Awaiting approval) standards are monitored and inspected. All our staff are adequately trained in food safety and hygiene. All packaging materials we use are certified food safe to industry standards.

Each item will have a “use by” date on the pack. While technically our food may last longer, we’ve lab tested every item and given the “use by” date based on the tests. On an average, our items will last in your fridge for 21 days. If you still can’t eat within these 21 days, you can freeze to be used in any other day within 3 months.

Yes, our meat is sourced from Halal certified suppliers.

After placing your order, please review your order and contact us immediately if a mistake has been made. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind, but we may be able to correct any errors in the order process prior to shipment.If the meal you receive is different to what you purchased online, is damaged, or is otherwise not as expected, please contact us immediately on 88148351 or email us at:info@kebabchi.com.au.

Refunds are provided at our discretion and may be offered for instances where products are damaged or faulty.